Modular - Buildings for the 21 Century

Modular building creates an opportunity to connect the way we build our houses to the material and structural efficiencies of modern manufacturing.

Modern factory production of building elements allows for:

  • materials to be used in new ways
  • minimising waste
  • much higher quality standards than can be achieved on a building site
  • weather protected work environments that are safer and open to a much wider, diverse and more gender balanced labour force.

While relatively new to the Australian housing market, there are many overseas examples of high quality manufactured building systems as are regularly shown on the Grand Designs television series.


Modular - not Prefab 

The Habitech system is modular, not prefabricated.

What's the difference? 

Our modular homes are made of components in a factory (similar to ‘flat-packed’ products) and assembled quickly on-site. Whereas other prefabricated housing models on the Australian market are factory built and craned in on site.

The benefits of modular vs prefab

  • A high level of flexibility in our sustainable house designs
  • Able to be hand lifted into sites with difficult access  
  • No heavy frames, transport or logistics limitations or costs
  • Efficient delivery of our building fabrics in shipping containers if required
  • We commonly avoid the need to use steel in our houses - providing cost, complexity and time savings.
  • A stronger building form, based on timber construction.

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