Sustainable homes with innovative technology

Our innovative building design technology is driven by sustainability and takes advantage of environmentally-friendly materials and processes. The resulting homes can be constructed quickly and efficiently, have a high-end architectural look and low running costs and emissions.

SIPs - Structural Insulated Panels

Habitech's Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a system of interlocking wall and roof components optimised to be high-quality, strong and energy efficient. The panels are all manufactured to spec prior to construction, minimising material waste and construction time. SIPs allow our buildings to be as sustainable as possible while minimising cost.

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Magnesium Oxide Cladding

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) cladding is a lightweight construction system designed to be high performance, efficient, cost effective, sustainable and safe. MgO panels are made from all natural materials and are fire, water and UV resistant making it a safe, clean and long lasting material.

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Effective Insulation

Habitech utilises the fine tolerances of factory manufacturing to produce Panellised Insulation with minimal gaps. This maximises the effective insulation to something that is far greater than traditional insulation batts and blankets.

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Energy Systems 

We use heat recovery ventilation systems to drive the energy and fresh air performance of our houses.

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