More Sustainable

Habitech's inspiration and development is driven by the challenge of moving our modern lives to a sustainable footing.

Evolving out of the pioneering architectural and Ecologically Sustainable Development work of founding director Chris Barnett, Habitech's modular building system delivers a leap forward in lowering the environmental impact of Australian housing. The system has been based on understanding the difference a super insulated building fabric/shell can bring to both the comfort and pollution impacts of the way we live. 

We believe it is important to acknowledge that the environmental impacts of building and operating our houses is still far from sustainable - and we are not in the business of 'spinning' anything else to an educated audience.

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We purposely use the term 'more sustainable' to describe the benefits of Habitech's solution in comparison to traditional design and building options. And we set ourselves the R&D goal of making our manufactured building components truly sustainable over time.

At Habitech we believe the journey to creating a society and economy that no longer degrades the natural systems it relies on is one we must all embrace in small, but urgent steps. We certainly do not have all the answers, but invite others to join us in an evolving effort to create smarter solutions.