Denholm Ground Floor Plan (Medium).jpg

Brief:  4 Bedrooms Extension

Location: West Brunswick, Melbourne

Climate:  Temperate

Architect:  Third Skin

Area: Existing House Retained 98m2, New Addition 92m2.

With this project the client’s intent was to stretch the plot of the house, extending the building footprint to the rear of a heritage dwelling down South.

With ample space for extension however, the site’s existing Northern frontage contributed to some difficulties obtaining sunlight into the living spaces at the rear.

Hence, the kitchen / dining room were configured to be positioned towards the rear of the block, accommodating a central decked courtyard intended as a cosy outdoor family area. The roof was pitched up to invite natural lighting into the building.

Highlight windows were wrapped across the Eastern walls to further draw lighting into the depths of the lower bedroom and bathroom roof, promoting the pleasures of passive living.

To further compliment our client's living quality, a light shelf over the North facing bi-fold doors were intended to reflect light through the highlight windows and deeper into the living area. Such configurations were aimed at providing effective shading to the glass doors while keeping the interior of the building cool and comfortable throughout Summer.