seddon gardener's extension


Seddon gardener's extension


Floor Plan.jpg

Brief:  Extension

Location: Melbourne

Climate:  Temperate

Architect:  Third Skin

Area: Existing House Retained 58m2, New Addition 82m2, Total 140m

The Hobbs Street Extension project promises to transform one of Seddon’s oldest bluestone cottages into a modern, sustainable and energy efficient family home. The existing structure, nestled in a quiet residential street within inner Melbourne will have new living spaces, a bedroom and washing areas added to it.

What once was a slightly disjointed home with external facilities aims to be converted into a contrast of the old and the new. Habitech’s design will be situated towards the rear of the existing cottage, connected through a breezeway flooding the walkways with natural light. A redesign of the original cottage converts the home into a dynamic and efficient space.  

With clients that live for their garden environments, the extension is driven by different featured landscaped areas situated within an internal courtyard and extended grounds, capable of opening up the living areas to the outdoors.