Pergola Cost

Pergolas offer a beautiful way to enhance the look of your yard while making more effective usage of your outside space. Pergolas have been used as timber structures with no roofs that utilized climbing plants to create a shaded place for lounging since they were first developed. Today, pergolas can be covered and semi-enclosed, and they may even have roofs.

Whatever kind of pergola you pick, knowing how much the pergola installation cost might be is essential.

A pergola is an excellent complement to a garden or patio. The price of installation varies based on the materials utilized and any add-ons chosen. Despite the many variables that influence pricing, the typical cost of a pergola ranges between $2,000 and $18,000, depending on the location and materials selected.

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a structure used to create an outdoor living space, providing shade and shelter without blocking the view. A pergola can be attached to or in-between buildings, extending rooflines, climbing plants can also cover it. It often takes the form of a permanent garden feature made with wood or stone.

Before you pick your material for your new pergola, there are some factors that may influence how much it costs to build one:

  • The complexity of the design (simple vs complex)
  • The height of the proposed structure
  • Location (up north usually means higher costs)
  • Size of the construction
  • How much customization do you desire

Pergola cost per square metre

Pergolas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different materials and dimensions. On average, expect to pay between $100 and $500 per square metre for a basic installation to $5000 for a bespoke pergola cost. The cost of a pergola is determined by several factors, including size, materials, and complexity.

Material breakdown of a pergola’s price:

  • A concrete pergola costs anywhere from $5 to $10 per square meter.
  • A pergola made of timber costs $5–$25 per square meter.
  • A pergola made of stone or brick costs between $10 and $15 per square meter.
  • A metal pergola costs anywhere from $20 to $30 per square metre.

A pergola may cost anywhere from $50 to $80 per hour for professional pergola installation costs, depending on your location.

Metal pergola cost

Pergolas made of metal are often delivered in kit form. The flat roof on this type of pergola is powder-coated in a variety of colours.

To save money, these pergola kits may be constructed by do-it-yourselfers if they have the appropriate experience. A bigger or more complicated metal pergola could be professionally built. In most situations, the kit can be provided by the installer, or it may be made to order specifically for you.

The total cost of building a metal pergola may be as follows:

  • A flat roof pergolas cost around $185 per square meter.
  • For a gabled pergola, expect to pay around $550 per m2.
  • A curved roof pergola may cost around $565 per square meter.
  • The cost of a sophisticated design that requires bespoke labour might be as high as $700 per m2.

The prices listed here are only rough estimates based on the location you live in, the style of pergola you pick, and installation fees. To calculate how much a pergola may cost to install:

  • Measure the surface area
  • Choose a pergola design according to your taste and preference.
  • Select a roofing material.
  • Decide whether you want it enclosed or semi-enclosed.

Timber pergola cost

Pergolas made of wood are plentiful and simple to construct. They can be purchased as kits or constructed to suit your needs. A 5x3m (15m2) timber pergola kit may set you back:

  • A treated pine pergola with no roof costs around $2300.
  • Wood pergolas with no roof cost around $2900.
  • A Colorbond pergola with a treated pine roof may set you back $2600.
  • A Colorbond insulated roof costs around $3800 for a hardwood flat roof pergola.

The cost of a kit is based on the square footage required, not the total roof area. These prices are approximate and do not include installation. A qualified builder may have to build a wooden pergola in some jurisdictions. A bespoke pergola may usually be more expensive than a timber kit pergola. The price may be determined by the following factors:

  • The intricacy of the design
  • The pergola’s size
  • Timber species used

The least expensive wood is treated pine for both in-ground and above-ground installations. Hardwoods may cost more depending on the hardwood you pick, which may withstand rain and sun. A pergola builder can advise you on hardwoods that are suitable for your region and their pricing.

Metal vs timber pergola installation

Pergolas made of wood and metal are both lovely and long-lasting, so it might be difficult to choose between them beyond comparing pricing.

  • Pergolas made of timber are simple to maintain but may provide a beautiful look in your yard.
  • A metal pergola might be a beautiful addition to your yard. They are available in a variety of powder-coated hues that may go well with or compliment the colour of your home. Another advantage is that a metal pergola can span a larger surface than a wooden pergola, so you’ll have fewer standing poles and more openness.
  • Another alternative is to mix materials. A metal pergola with a timber slat roof can provide you with the best of both worlds, as it has the natural look without requiring additional support.

Pergola prices

A pergola is not a self-sufficient structure, and it may almost certainly need pavers or a deck. If they aren’t already in place, these may increase the project’s expense. On average, outdoor paving costs between $20 and $50 per square metre, although some can cost more than $50 per square metre.

The cost of a deck is determined by the material it’s constructed of:

  • The least expensive alternative is treated pine, which costs about $200 per m2.
  • The cost of hardwood decking ranges from around $320 per square metre to more than $3,000 per square metre, depending on the type.
  • A composite decking price is about $350 per square meter.

If hardwood or composite decking is beyond your budget, treated pine can be stained to resemble hardwood as a less expensive option. Because composite decking needs little upkeep and only requires a simple washing to remove dirt, it may be worth the higher price. It’s not only beautiful but also very functional. A pergola may be used to add shade and to protect from the elements. It can provide a sense of privacy or allow you to use it all year round.

In some locations, a roof might also keep the sun out of your pergola room. An enclosure can also be used as a privacy screen, or you may want to completely encapsulate the pergola so you can use it at any time of year. To figure out how much the pergola may really cost, add up all of the expenditures. If you don’t have enough money to pay for it right now, add privacy screens or other features later.

How to hire pergola builders?

You can hire pergola builders based on referrals from friends and family or local construction companies. You can also get recommendations from your local home improvement store or nursery, where you might purchase plants for your garden around the pergola. Look for a contractor who specializes in both residential and commercial jobs to get an idea of their experience with more complicated installations.

Inquire about how long it may take to finish the project and what else they need from you. The work could be completed within two weeks of signing a contract unless otherwise stated, including payment schedules. Know if there is a warranty included with the installation before hiring workers. Ask for references and check pergola builders out yourself as well before making a final decision on who may build your pergola.

It’s also a good idea to meet with the contractor in person and find out what they may do before, during and after construction. You want to know if they have experience in working in your area of the country, for example, so you can ensure their comfort level in your climate. Ask the pergola builder how many pergolas they’ve built in total, and ask specific questions about any warranties or guarantees that come with the project.

Why consider a pergola installation?

Pergolas are a wonderful way to add value to your home. They’re comparable in terms of cost to a gazebo. When compared with the pricing of pergolas and gazebos, many of the same parameters are considered.

Pergolas add property value

You might be wondering how much value a pergola adds to your house. Pergolas add value to the property by increasing the available living area. When it comes to improving the value of your home, the most important consideration is selecting one that complements the aesthetics of your home and the surrounding gardens.

A contractor can help you determine whether or not there are any restrictions on installing a pergola in your area as well as requirements for permits and inspections. If you’re constructing the pergola yourself, you’ll also need to know any local building code requirements.

Pergolas provide a space for fun and leisure

A pergola is a wonderful spot for entertaining, relaxation, and family activities. You may utilize the pergola to create outdoor cooking and kitchen space, as well as an outside reading nook or a gathering area. If you love spending time outside in the warmer months, a pergola can make it possible to spend more time outdoors.

Pergolas are attached to your home in some way, but they don’t actually become part of any structure on your property. You’ll need to find out what your region’s code is for attaching a pergola to your home and ground. In most cases, you’ll need a building permit for the project as well.

While most kits are designed for the average homeowner, there are some considerations you might want to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Pergolas provide weather protection

Pergolas offer you the opportunity to enjoy nature without having to worry about the weather. They give shade from the sun while also allowing for the construction of a roof to protect you from rain.

Pergolas are wonderful for adding elegance to your yard. This addition may increase the value of your home, particularly in warmer areas where there are longer growing seasons. If you have a large backyard that is mostly empty, consider adding a pergola with integrated seating.

Pergolas help vines grow

Of course, you could always employ it to grow climbing plants. You might cultivate fruits such as kiwis and grapes with it. You can also use a pergola to allow for hanging flower baskets. Pergolas are a great addition to your backyard, and it’s easy to see why they’ve been popular for so long. They add value to the property while increasing the livable space of your yard. You can install a pergola in less than a day, and you’ll be able to enjoy it right away.

This term refers to the overall construction of the pergola itself, including everything from its foundation (such as footings or a concrete pad) to any electrical components if applicable. It also applies to the roofing material used, such as whether or not there is one, the type of material that is used, and the style of it.

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