When the Weather gets Extreme get inside a Habitech House

Did you catch ABC’s 7:30 Report last week on how poorly much of Australia’s current housing stocks perform in heat, particularly when conditions get extreme like the temperatures we are experiencing right now.

With temperatures across Victoria expected to hit 40C and over today and potential power outages we need to seriously look at improving housing standards to make Australian homes more heat resistant and less reliant on energy-zapping air conditioning.

Habitech Homes are specifically designed and built for a changing planet, our houses are designed in-line with passive solar principles with proper insulation and sealing to buffer out the extremes of both hot and cold weather. Investing in a well designed, high thermal performance building shell allows Habitech houses to remain comfortable all year round with radically reduced active heating and cooling - lowering electricity demands by around 80%.

Watch ABC’s 7:30 Report here.