The Warrandyte Outlook Project

The Warrandyte Outlook is one of our new projects that is currently under construction. Set along the contours of a sloping site and surrounded by eucalypt trees the site looks out over Warrandyte State Park in Victoria. The outlook sets the stage for the layout of the house optimising the views through a multi-level system that hugs the hillside.

The brief was to create a multi-generational 3 bedroom family house for entertaining and enjoying the long views over Warrandyte State Park whilst maintaining the lush greenery surrounding the area. The efficiency of the design is based on the northern orientation of the property, where passive solar design is optimised through high performance glazing and effective shading. Creating a low energy usage home through the use of our super insulated building fabric and other integrated energy systems.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress but in the meantime take a look at the new project page which includes more details about the brief here.