Goodbye Hazelwood

Over the last 8 years electricity consumption in Victoria has dropped by 15%.

As Bruce Rowse points out in his latest blog post on the Clean Energy Academy, with the shutdown of the Hazelwood Power Station, the quiet stories of energy efficiency, rooftop solar, energy efficient appliances and building standards aren't making the headlines when compared to "loss of 25% of generation capacity in Victoria" stories.

But we are reducing our demand for electricity consumption and that's what we should be focusing on. As The Conversation pointed out way back in 2013, all of the decline in consumption has been at the expense of coal fired generators.

Energy efficiency regulations, a structural change in the economy away from electricity intensive industries and consumer behaviour are all factors leading to this decrease.

As Bruce says, we're proud to part of a culture of innovation here in Australia, working towards finding ways to reduce consumption rates and making smarter homes for a changing planet.

Thank you Bruce. Read his blog post here.