2017 South Pacific Passive House conference

Chris Barnett, Habitech MD, was pleased to participate in the 2017 South Passive House conference, held in Christchurch, New Zealand over the weekend.  The event brought together over 160 architects and builders from Australia and New Zealand who are designing and delivering houses that meet the high comfort and energy standards of the international Passive House standards.

Passive House standards have a natural alignment to Habitech's approach to building better houses. They're based on the proven science of building highly insulated and air-sealed buildings, that revolutionise the comfort of the occupants and dramatically reduce the amount of energy required to operate them.

It was great to learn more about the detailing of these super-high performance buildings, as well as meet a range of like minded professionals. There were presentations that included almost two years of house performance data and sessions such as the one titled "Beauty and the PHPP", discussing whether Passive House constraints are a handicap or an aid for good design.

Chris also caught up with our New Zealand partners, LiteGreen Projects, and had the chance to visit the most recent project that they're working on, currently under construction (photo right), as well as some of the finished detailing on our first project with them. This was the home featured on Grand Designs New Zealand in November last year.