Improved Housing Outcomes - affordable, sustainable housing

We're all doing our part to work towards more affordable and sustainable housing. The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) has recently released a new platform to address the Australian housing crisis with a vision of housing being integral to health, well-being and economic outcomes for all Australians.

There is no single solution for such a widespread topics of affordability and sustainability in our housing industry. Rather, many approaches that once united, work along-side each other to improve housing outcomes.  The report provides recommendations based on themes such as good design practice and sustainable or innovative ideas in our building industry.

At Habitech it’s no secret we are continuously working towards providing Australia and its neighbours with high performing and energy efficient houses. While combining this good design practice with integrated services technology solutions, we may radically decrease household energy use. 

You can view the ASBEC's latest publication here:

Habitech's Managing Director, Chris Barnett, sits on the ASBEC Sustainable Housing Task Group - representing the Australian Institute of Architects.