Warm as toast in Mornington

Robyn and her partner Craig recently moved into their beautiful new home, right on the foreshore of Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula.

As Robyn says, “A brutal Melbourne winter has seen our neighbours rocking in the wind, but we’re firm footed to 18 metres down with our screw pilings, and warm as toast!”

“The insulation for both cooling and heating is incredible. During the day, the internal temperature sits at around 23 degrees Celsius.”

One of the greatest benefits of our super insulated building fabric is the radical reduction in energy demands. The fully sealed building fabric lets you control how and when fresh-air is circulated through your living spaces, buffering out those freezing cold winter drafts. When you consider that the average Victorian home has the equivalent of 1.5m2 of area allowing air movement - you realise it's a big window to leave open all winter.

As well as lower running costs, Robyn and Craig were impressed by how quickly the Habitech panels were erected during the construction phase and how smooth and efficient the process was.

“We love the Habitech concept and the innovation of this house. It's our home for the rest of our lives and we wanted it to last.”

Find out more about the project down in Mornington here