Above average in Moonee Ponds

Dame Edna Everage made Moonee Ponds famous back in the 1950's, when the suburb was about as average as you could get. Moonee Ponds definitely isn't average in 2016.

With house prices sitting at around $974,000 (Melbourne's average house price is just over $700,000), it's a popular suburb, 7km north west of the CBD, particularly appealing to families, with parks, restaurants, shops and good public transport.

Rose and her partner Brian own a modest weatherboard house in Moonee Ponds, and the prohibitive housing costs meant it would be difficult for her daughter Maggie and her son-in-law Andrew to ever afford a home nearby. Maggie and Andrew grew up in the area, and being so centrally located and with both sets of grandparents eager to be part of their grandchild George's life, wish to stay in the area.

The solution? Maggie and Andrew have bought equity in the property, which has been used to finance an additional dwelling in the backyard, where Rose and Brian will live.

Rose explains what mattered to her when they went looking for someone to help them make this happen.

"We researched companies that could demonstrate a sustainable approach to building, as we've got a deep concern with how the Earth's dwindling resources are currently being (mis)used. We chose Habitech because they share those concerns and are positively addressing them with their building system."

"We really needed effective solutions for sharing facilities on the one site, but also ensuring that we all had some privacy. Because they're architects, and good ones, Habitech came up with a great design and gave us lots of advice on sustainable best practice in passive design and fitting out the new build."

Marcus Meade, from Marcon Building Concepts, installed the Habitech building fabric quickly and smoothly. Having only started the project in mid-February, Rose and Brian are already close to being able to move into their beautiful new backyard house. And with a new baby due in August, Maggie and her family are very keen to be able to move into the front of the house!

"Habitech have been brilliant to work with," says Rose, "We have ended up with something fabulous."         


The backyard home for Rose and Brian on the left and the family together, on the right.