Making zero carbon housing a reality

It's great to see the CRC for Low Carbon Living research, at the University of South Australia, is gathering some real information on the clear benefits that building better houses can provide to Australians.

Drawing on current data from the Lochiel Park development in Adelaide, a “near zero carbon” precinct with over 100 homes, which has been developed with great leadership from the South Australian government, the research shows some of the macro-economic benefits of getting smarter and more sustainable with our housing.

Habitech has had the chance to tour Lochiel Park, with Dr Stephen Barry from the University of South Australia, and see some of the detail of his study.

We're looking forward to contributing to on-going research on sustainable housing models through our involvement with the Breathe development in Tumby Bay in SA. This project aims to develop a more socially and environmentally sustainable retirement living model, and outcomes will contribute to our national knowledge base of how to create better urban and housing design.

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