Generous glowing spaces in Geelong

Geelong's at lock-up and we're delighted!

On a beautiful sunny day, we met the owner and the builders to oversee the completion of the lock-up stage and to give some on-site advice on internal finishing.

The finishing of all the external work has been excellent, with careful detailing of flashings and junctions by the builders. After various calls to the design office on details, the diligent approach to air sealing and caulking of all joints was evident and a joy to see.

We discussed the integration of services by the owner and the builder, to make sure there were no surprises with the internal finishing.

The internal spaces are now evident and show off the intentions of the owners and our design office to provide generous, glowing spaces within this modest budget.

With the partial use of plywood as a finished surface, the internal treatment includes a reclaimed local hardwood for the integration of the joinery detailing and the treatment of openings, which sets off the simple plywood and plaster surfaces.

Our next visit will be to a completed home!