Mornington Open Day

It was great to talk to the interesting bunch of people who came along to our recent Open Day down on the Mornington Peninsula.      

As you can see in the photo below, these units are located right on the Esplanade with amazing views of Port Phillip Bay.                                                                                                     

Almost everyone who visited noticed the ability to combine the Habitech SIP wall panel system with the conventional timber stud system - this has been the case in the garage and some of the ground floor wall areas in these units.

We've also made further use of the MgO board, in the partiwall system between the two units. This is a much more sustainable method of building a partiwall, compared to the compressed cement sheet partiwall system. In fact, Grand Design's Kevin McLoud nominated MgO as one of his ten 'green heroes' of 2011, for its ability to absorb CO2 during its manufacture. You can find out more about this material here.

The Mornington project is also a good example of the free spanning capacity of the roof panel systems we use, with minimal structure and framing. 

Clockwise from left: the stunning views, the living room, exterior shot of both units, the internal courtyard upstairs, Robyn, the homeowner, Chris, the architect and Craig, the builder.