Design lines emerging in Geelong

Our Geelong project is moving ahead at lightning speed - five days after our last post about the first wall panels going up (see here), the builder had moved onto the second set of panels in this extension to an early 20th century home. The extension will be a new living and kitchen area with a lofted space, as well as another wing to be used as a studio.

The upper base plates for the extension have been fitted, followed by panel flashings ready for the upper panels. The openings were lined and the window head flashings were fitted, ready for the windows and doors to be installed.

You can really see the lines of the design start to emerge now, with flashings continuous across the facade. By the end of the first week, the full volumes of both pavilions are complete and the roof was ready to arrive.

Five days after the panels had been installed, it was time for the roof installation, with a simple eaves treatment, which took just one day, and the roof plumber then fitted verges and the box gutter link to the existing house over the next couple of days.

There's no stopping this one!