Habitech Research Partnership with ARC Centre at Melbourne University

The Habitech team was pleased to attend the official launch of the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing (CAMP.H) at Melbourne University last Friday.

We were delighted to see that some Habitech components formed part of the display for the event and some of our projects featured in the launch presentations.

We're proud to be a founding Industry Partner of this Centre, which is a collaboration between four universities and has received funding from the Australian Research Council. The Centre forms a focus for collaborative, eco-friendly, prefabricated housing research in Australia, striving to deliver breakthrough product and process innovations that will enable the Australian housing industry to compete on a global stage. 

Administered by the University of Melbourne, and led by Professor Priyan Mendis and Associate Professor Tuan Ngo, from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, the Centre brings together a highly collaborative venture with the universities and twelve industry partners.

The launch was attended by Senator Scott Ryan (Special Minister of State), Hon. Telmo Languiller (Victorian Parliamentary Speaker), Professor Glyn Davis (Vice-Chancellor University of Melbourne),  as well as representatives from participating Melbourne, Monash, Sydney and Curtin University teams and the Industry Partners.

The photos below show Senator Ryan launching the Centre, with a video that includes timelapse footage of a Habitech home build.

You can check out the video here (the Habitech site appears at 2 minutes 30 seconds)

The Habitech philosophy of continuous improvement takes it's cue from the Japanese mindset 'kaizen'.

We're looking forward to continuous improvement in the prefab housing industry, in collaboration with the CAMP.H research team and other industry participants.