Fixing our National Construction Code

In his article “Help fix the NCC”, Sean Maxwell proposes the introduction of compulsory blower door testing in the National Construction Code, based on recently released results from a CSIRO study. The study showed that nearly half of the 129 houses scored 15 or more air changes per hour, considered the upper limit for newly constructed houses in Australia.

According to a 2012 Australian study, US homes had 0.5-2 changes of air per hour at a standard pressure level and in Europe, the rate was 1.5-6 changes.

That means Australian homes are six times more leaky than the US and Europe and the costs to homeowners and to the environment are huge.

Solving the issues that this type of report raises is exactly why we started Habitech and we’re delighted that they are continuing to be discussed.

You can read the Fifth Estate article here.

Sean Maxwell, building energy efficiency consultant and door blower testing in action.