Sunny day in Wallan!

Last week the weather surprised us in Wallan - it was beautiful sunshine and no wind!

Prior to this the brickies had reported very high winds which forced them to close up and go home, but with the sun out they were full steam ahead. Here's some pictures of them finishing the great central stairwell section.

Below you can see Phil and Marnie, our clients, working hard and trying to keep up with the fast-paced bricklayers, using bricks recycled from the original house. The lovely mix of colours and textures should really sing, with views through to the forest beyond from every space inside. 

The roof has been installed which brings together the varied angles of this house under a protective hood. The aspects from the site towards the East and the West are very different and the house responds by presenting a similarly varied character for each face. The approach from the south now shows a floating volume beyond the slope on arrival. The Eastern facade is square and stable, while the Northern elevation opens up to the sun and each contrasting view. Rounding to the West, the large picture windows on both levels frame the amazing views down the valley and turn out from the slope to face them.

Slender steel supports await the decking now to be fitted to the West so check back to see the finished exterior, with windows and doors to be installed this week.