Renewing old table tops - and space for four more!

Moving into a bright, light-filled office with the sun soaring in from three sides, means glossy, reflective black table tops just won't work. The Habitech team came up with a brilliant solution - we're renewing the old table tops by sanding them down evenly, and then staining them - they look fantastic.

So we made most of the sunny days last week, and set up an undercover outdoor workshop to carry out the mission. The wooden grain stands out beautifully after the stain and we cannot be happier with the result.

Habitech team is all about renewing, recycling, and reusing any material in all kinds of innovative ways.

We are keen to share this beautiful space, with 4 workstations ready to go, to find out more about it click here - and you too could be looking out at this view!