Wallan house on the way

Although today is bright and sunny in Melbourne, we've had some Arctic temperatures recently, and the Victorian town of Wallan, 50km north of Melbourne, has had them even more so, which has delayed the build a little.

See here for an overview of this project, which was brought about by the loss of the original house to bushfire.

The first floor installation of the panels are now complete and here are the latest photos of progress. The bricks are piled ready for the brickie to install the central section of stairwell, all reclaimed by the owners from their original house and lovingly stacked for re-use.

The steelwork is next to be erected which will provide the final piece of structure to support the roof. The roof panels have been delivered and are ready for the exciting day to come first thing next week when they will be lifted into position from the upper slope behind this unique house.

Check back later next week for the result!