Come and see Habitech in action - 18th July

We're thrilled to announce our next Open Day on Saturday 18th July in Brooklyn, 10km west of Melbourne's CBD.

This 3-bedroom family home brilliantly showcases the design and quality of our sustainable homes, with the clients taking a minimalist approach to the interiors. 

The house was designed for Luke Mutton and Kylie Mackinlay, who were keen to lower the environmental impact of their new home, both in its construction and with a minimalist approach to the interiors.

The building will not be quite finished, which will really allow you to experience the space and understand the design and building behind the Habitech system. 

The site is 5 minutes over the Westgate Bridge from the CBD, just to the north of the Millers Road exit. 

We'd love to see you there, to find out how our flat-packed architectural houses come together to deliver not only new levels of super insulated energy efficiency, but spaces with a unique sense of comfort and light.

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DATE :            Saturday 18th July 2015
TIME:              10:30am - 3:30pm  
LOCATION :   31 Cypress Avenue, Brooklyn