Building this house was a no-brainer!

With the Open Day in Brooklyn coming up this Saturday 18th July, we thought we'd hand over to Luke from Sunmoth Canteen and Bar (, who'll be calling the house, home.

Luke Mutton and his family

Luke is passionate about coffee, design, sustainability, craft beer, natural wine and music.

He explains how he and his wife Kylie chose Habitech and why the way the house was built was important to them both.

"Building a sustainable home was just an extension of our regular life, you can’t be into the stuff we love and not care about the environment. So when the time came to build our first home, finding something that fits within the sustainability vibe was paramount."

"We chose Habitech for lots of reasons. Firstly it was the idea that we could shape the house in the way that we wanted, but have it assembled onsite quickly. No-one can believe that we started building in February and we’re about to move in - in July!

The high energy rating was also important - all the walls are insulated with foam - and we won't be needing much heating.

We love the look of concrete and wood and that we could just leave the interior walls as is - we saved so much money on not needing plastering!"

When you’re getting all that, for the same price as a regular home, which won't go up as quickly, doesn’t look as good and doesn’t have as good insulation... it’s a no brainer."

Come and check out the house at our Open Day on Saturday 18th July between 10.30am and 3.30pm in Brooklyn. Further details here.