Brooks Bay Views

After spending time in Brooks Bay, Tasmania, it's easy to see why so many fall in love with this beautiful area of Australia.

The landscape is stunning - as the photos below attest to.

Running along the shores of the Huon River south of Hobart, Brooks Bay looks out east over the point of the Cygnet Peninsula, with the hills of Bruny Island beyond that. Our clients site has stunning views out over the river, where boats from the Tassal salmon farming operation move slowly up and down the waters of the inlet.

Our clients are actually builders from Warrnambool in Victoria, building their own house in Tasmania that they plan to spend part of the year in and eventually move to. Tony and Nathalie Sheen operate AG Sheen Construction in Warrnambool and were attracted to our modular approach for both its thermal performance and speed. Our delivery method has allowed Tony aad Nathalie to get the house to lock-up in two working trips down to Tasmania - one was spent doing earthworks and pouring the concrete slab footings, and a second to get the building fabric erected and the house to lock-up.

Stay tuned to find out how the build went.