"I want to use our Habitech home as proof you can build quality, sustainable homes"

Suzanna Pilon and her husband Luc are building their new home in Donvale, bordering the bush, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Having purchased land in the sustainably focussed Mullum Creek sub-division, they're passionate about architecture, interior design, food, travel and gardening.

It was Habitech's super insulated building envelope material that first attracted the couple to our homes, and together with the speed and simplicity of construction - and the fact that it ticked the aesthetics box - they are now on their way to a building a new twenty-first century home.

Suzanna and Luc Pilon, looking forward to getting started on building their new home

Suzanna and Luc Pilon, looking forward to getting started on building their new home

Suzanna loves the Habitech material and its inherent benefits, explaining "I wanted to build a house for myself with Habitech Systems, to use it as a showcase for future projects and to educate the lay person - including real estate agents - that we can build quality, architecturally appealing, highly efficient, sustainable homes."

"So many of our natural resources are being depleted and with worldwide population, wealth and energy use increasing, we all need to think about the future of our planet and what it will be like in the next century and into the future. We try to do our bit but there is still a lot more educating to be done!" says Suzanna, who is herself a builder.

So far Suzanna and Luc have found the process participative and enjoyable, bringing together Habitech's sustainability and energy efficiency knowledge with their industry knowledge and sustainability goals. 


We can't wait to see the finished labour of love!


North view of Mullum Creek House