Wallan by Christmas

The internal fixing and finishing stage at the Wallan House is well underway, following external painting.

There's been a revision of the energy supply strategy - the mains grid supply has been difficult to establish and the clients have decided to invest in a large solar PV array on a car port canopy as well as the integrated solar hot water canopy. This will provide a great arrival point above the house, with cover for cars near the entry bridge to the front door and a convenient position for the solar battery bank that will form the day-to-day energy supply for the house. This has been an exciting addition to the brief and has been quickly developed between the clients and our designer to ensure the handover can be completed, as planned, before Christmas. 

Along with this work, the balustrade steelwork is being made, which will add the final touches to the first floor external areas: the entry bridge will be clad in durable galvanised expanded metal, while the western deck, looking towards the awesome view from the living spaces, will provide a fully shaded summer spot for Phil and Marnie to enjoy their property. Both decks are to be planted with greenery as a softer counterpoint to the harder steelwork appropriate for this bush setting.

With three weeks to go, the pace has been raised and we're looking forward to our clients making their Christmas deadline!