Green Materials of the Future

The Fifth Estate have just published an interesting article on the future of green building materials.

Notably Mushroom Bricks made form Mycelium. The produce virtually zero waste and require almost no energy to produce and have no carbon emissions.  The material hasn't hit the residential market just yet, but it has already been used to produce structures such as the Hy-Fi Pavilion.

Another material, Graphene, has a honeycomb structure just at atom thick. It's a better conductor than copper and is 200 times stronger than steel - it is also transparent and non-permeable. Graphene could be used to create a super thin transparent solar paint - absorbing the suns rays over the entire surface of a build. Graphene is already being use a high strength paint that reduces ageing and the need for repairs.

There are plenty of other great new materials outlined in the article, including bendable concrete, biobricks, and nano-particles. Read more at the Fifth Estate.