Reservoir House breaks ground

The ground has been broken at our latest project in Reservoir, with demolition and lower level works for a new family home underway.

Putting great stock stock in one of the base tenets of sustainability - 'reduce / re-use / recycle', our clients have done a great job of recovering materials from the demolition of their original 1940's brick house. They have cleaned all of the bricks from the demolition and these are now being used to build the lower level garage, as well as an internal wall that will provide additional thermal mass to the new design.

Given the sustainability opportunities the project presented, we see the direct reuse of the bricks on-site delivers the lowest impact solution possible for a significant proportion of the new building fabric. The direct recycling of the bricks will create walls with:

  • no new resource use - although some impacts from the new mortar and steel brick ties
  • no energy in recycling - other than human metabolism
  • no water use in reclaiming of bricks
  • no transport energy or pollution.

Once the garage and sub-floor are complete, the installation of the Habitech wall panels and building fabric will begin in just over a weeks time.