Brooklyn House

We're excited to announce our latest project "Brooklyn House" - a brief for a family home on a modest budget in the Western suburb of Brooklyn. The vacant site was purchased from the local Council as they provided a new pedestrian link between the neighbourhood street and the new Federation Trial, a bicycle and foot path from the West Gate to Werribee, immediately south of the site. As such, the property was narrowed by 4m for the pedestrian pathway, leaving a long but slim proportion with a North-South orientation.

The house has been planned in two sections, with a core for family living and a separate space for extended family who regularly visit from overseas. The length of the site also offers future possibilities of subdivision, involving the more saleable Northern portion of the site. In satisfying the constructional efficiencies necessary to meet the budget and these two strategic aims of the program,  a linear arrangement was chosen of North and South buildings, connecting in a shaded courtyard.

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