Building Innovations That Excite Us

We love a bit of innovation at Habitech, with the following recent articles catching our eye.

Poetic materials

We think this project shows the potential we have to better understand and utilise materials in the world around us.

It's exciting to see such an amazing understanding of materials and the elegance of materials adjusting their form through in-built, passive mechanisms. Poetic to our minds, these examples further our understanding of one of the most wonderfully sustainable materials on the planet - timber. Read more. 

3D printed buildings

Meanwhile, the Chinese are off pushing the boundaries of 3D printing. With a current global race amongst universities and researchers to 3D print full buildings, the Chinese are already printing small prototyping buildings.

While we assume the hype will be ahead of the reality (with a few serious structural, fire and toxicity issues for them to solve) the vision for recycling waste materials, rather than down-cycling, into design flexible and material efficient building components, gives us a glimpse of where future materials and technologies may take us. Read more here.