Designing Healthy Spaces With Air In Mind

We were interested to read a recent article featured in the Environment Design Guide regarding air quality and it's significant impacts on health. Read more.

At Habitech we are proud to say that one of the greatest benefits of our homes is the healthy indoor environments they create.  

Fresh air systems, both passive and active, are incorporated into all our home designs. We use a range of simple and practical strategies to ensure our designs contain effective and practically operated passive ventilation air paths, including:

    • full height doors - allowing effective air-flow underneath ceilings
    • cross-ventilation - operable window sections that allow for effective air-flow
    • overnight ventilation (night purging) - windows that are secure, weatherproof and screened to enable them to be left open while you are out or asleep
    • door catches - a simple and practical consideration to ensure breezes do not slam internal doors. 

    We also utilise heat recovery ventilation systems, guaranteeing the circulation of filtered fresh air throughout our homes, at times when temperatures outside are uncomfortable. 

    To read more about our fresh air solutions and the other ways in which we design and construct our homes to ensure healthy environments for you and your family click here.