21st Century Design Tools

At Habitech we utilise the latest in 3D design animation in the early stages of the design process, for every customised modular home that we build.

For our clients, this means being able to easily visualise and understand the design of their home.

For us, this design model enables us to

  • Use Google Earth to place a 3D model of your home in the context of your local area.
  • Optimise the energy performance of the building and accurately show sun angles and how they hit the house on any given day of the year.
  • Directly manufacture all the building fabric components required to deliver the design.
  • Accurately price the building fabric (outer shell) of the project at an early stage - reducing the risk of cost over-runs so common in traditional building.

We are also able to create animations from our models, creating a virtual fly-through of each home, providing an invaluable broad view of how it will look and feel to be inside.

One of our newest projects is an extension to an existing heritage house in Hawthorn, where the clients are looking to build an 'all electric' house that can be fully powered by renewable energy. In this instance our 3D modelling has helped us design a 4.6kw array of PV solar panels to form the rear of the extension.

See the animation of the design below, or view our other animations on our youtube channel.