The Case for Environmental Optimism

With creating more sustainable outcomes being at the core of Habitech's development, we participate in a range of forums that put environmental and climate change science before us on a regular basis. Unlike the IPA we are not paid to deny it, and like the science in the rest of our lives, we tend to believe 96% of experts in the area.

Yesterday we received an email with a very clear graphic showing the (scientifically measured) retreat of Arctic sea ice titled the "Arctic Spiral of Death"  - and it got us thinking. Whilst we absolutely believe it's crucial to track this data and let the world know what is happening, being fearful and pessimistic about our ability to lower our environmental footprint does nothing for progress, which inevitably is what our planet needs.

At Habitech we want to stay optimistic - there are lots of people working hard to pro-actively make the world a better place. If you are finding it difficult to stay optimistic amongst the doom & gloom of environmental media, we've found a website for you -
It contains hundreds of fascinating articles identifying people from all walks of life, working positively and constructively - everything from urban farms to defibrillators delivered by drone!

There's lots of people out there making a difference - and there's no doubt that the more of us that can live and follow this philosophy, the more positive solutions we'll come up with and the better off our world will be.