World’s First Carbon-Negative Chair

We’re excited by the recent news that the world’s first carbon-negative chair is about to be launched.

Company Newlight Technologies has further developed technology that extracts carbon (CO2) out of the air, turning it into thermosplastic polymers. The result is a plastic material that apparently matches the performance of oil-based plastics, but is much cheaper.

We’re encouraged by the use of this sort of innovative, biologically based chemistry, which reduces fossil fuel emissions. We also like the fact that this particular material is naturally biodegradable and can be recycled multiple times.

While still having wider environmental impacts, at least in regards to atmospheric pollution the production of this material looks to achieve a positive environmental benefit.

Without being chemists, it appears to us to be a smarter plastic, developed with the sort of mindset that we all need to take on future resource use and pollution issues.

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