One Planet Discussion - Sustainable Living Festival

As part of the Sustainable Living Festival currently running in Melbourne, One Planet is holding a screening of their first of many Interactive Discussion Panels, tomorrow evening (Wednesday 12th Feb) at Federation Square.

The discussion panel, MC'd by Rod Quantock, will bring together speakers from a range of backgrounds, including environmental campaigners, scientists, academics and other experts, to discuss the "next generation of environmental issues". 

Tomorrow night's panel will discuss and try to answer the following question:

'As the acceptance of climate change spreads wider, and technology continues to advance, alternative technologies and positive industrial development are providing Australian with the opportunity to stop just saying 'no' to environmental destruction, and to start saying 'yes' to positive practice.

Are alternative technologies and positive industrial development a reality or just a pipe dream?

To what degree do we still need to be opposing negative industry and government policy, or should we focus our energy on adopting and encouraging positive practice?"

We see it as a very focused and interesting question from our perspective - and like to think we are proof of 'positive practice' solutions becoming a reality. 

Audience members will have the opportunity to interact with panel members and pose their own questions. Habitech MD Chris Barnett is taking the opportunity on behalf of Habitech to attend and pose a question of our own.  

The One Planet Interactive Discussion Panel is a free, public event and commences at 6pm tomorrow night at Federation Square.

For more information visit:!events/c10d6