Future Cities - Catalyst

We watched last weeks edition of Catalyst on the ABC with great interest, with a great program on the future of our cities. The program highlights the sustainability challenges facing we are facing in Australian cities, with interesting points to us being:

  • The projections of needing to build a Sydney every 10 years for the next 90 years making us sound like China
  • Rob Adams explanation of the 'Barcelona' model of 4-5 storey urban density and enlivened streets stretching out along current train and tram routes. The point behind this is that we will simply not have any major new public transport infrastructure in place in the next 30 years, which is a crucial period in making our cities more sustainable. Time is more relevant than money, and even if governments committed to big spending on it in the next budget, little could be delivered in this timeframe. As our roads ineviyably clog up, we would put forward that Melbourne has no other realistic planning option, short of fast-train and regional centre based growth approach.
  • A neat 3D animation of how Nicholson Street could look with Rob's higher density model overlaid on it 

Link to the iview episode >>