Solar Economics - the times they are a changing

While not getting a lot of mainstream media coverage, the economics of solar power continues to advance around us. The attached study asserts that that solar electricity will be cheaper than conventional grid power in all but three states of the US in just 2 years time, essentially eliminating the economic barriers for adopting solar.

"Last week, an energy analyst at Deutsche Bank came to a startling conclusion: By 2016, solar power will be as cheap or cheaper than electricity from the conventional grid in every (US) state except three. That’s without any changes to existing policy. In other words, we’re only a few years away from the point where, in most of the United States, there will be no economic reason not to go solar. If you care about slowing climate change or just moving toward cleaner energy, that is a huge deal."

We will be writing more about how our energy markets are set to be transformed by pure market pressures over the next 10 years, creating a potentially disruptive market for our fossil fuel reliant energy producers.

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