Effective Insulation

Put simply - insulation batts do not work very well.

At Habitech we believe the science is in and we now have the technology to practically measure how poorly walls with batt insulation really perform. Energy rating software rates these walls to perform at the R-values (thermal resistance) of both the materials and insulation batts specified – in reality though, it’s not that simple.

The link below to an article from Kingspan highlights one of the numerous reasons that traditional construction does not deliver what it promises in relation to your thermal comfort and energy bills.


The main issue is that all the solid timber members in a stud frame form thermal bridges, decreasing insulation performance by up to 12%.

At Habitech we simply do not have these issues. We deliver continuous insulation to double the levels required by our current regulations.


For anyone interested in reading about this further, one of our past posts on insulation effectiveness may be of interest: Insulation: are there cracks in the batts story?