Habitech Office Amongst A Heritage Debate

Having moved our office into Melbourne’s CBD early in the year, we find ourselves located in the middle of an interesting heritage debate about how we value and protect modern architecture, as part of our city.

We are now located on Level 9 of Total House, a building with a history of architectural and creative tenants. Sharing offices with BKK Architects, we are enjoying being in the vibe and creative energy of the building and the central CBD.

The building has been in the media recently, with proposals for it to be listed by the Heritage Council of Victoria. The TV like office block floats futuristically above seven levels of strongly horizontal car parking and is seen to be an important example of the influence of Japanese Brutalist design in Australia.

The proposal to protect the building raises interesting issues of how we value our more recent heritage and what built examples from each era should be preserved.

For anyone interested in design and the history of our city, the video below has some great shots of Melbourne from past decades and provides a historical context of the design of the building.