Good Policy Or Green Tape

 The HIA is up to it’s normal tricks in representing members interests above the long-term good of the building industry and the Australian public.

Their recent media release and campaign to blame the woes of their industry on supposed ‘green tape’ is contradicted by the accompanying Business Spectator article, quantifying the benefits regulation of better thermal standards in our housing has already delivered.

As the last OECD country to introduce minimum standards for wall insulation in buildings (in 1982), Australia already lags far behind Europe and the US in the quality of our buildings. Yet again the HIA’s position looks set to continue this trend.

At Habitech we support raising minimum performance standards to make our housing more comfortable, energy efficient and cheaper to run. However, we feel somewhat disconnected from the debate as we operate at levels of thermal quality far beyond minimum regulatory standards and what the Australian public has been offered to date.

HIA media campaign for the federal election






Business Spectator article -