How Strong Is Our Wall System?

As confirmed by Irwinconsult Engineering, Habitech’s wall panels, in comparison to conventional stud framed walls, have:

  • > 800% the capacity to carry vertical loads
  • 260% of the bending strength
  • 320% of the bending stiffness
  • Greater bracing capacity than conventional ply braced stud frame walls

Destruction testing

Surprisingly we weren’t able to achieve failure with the test rig in some cases, as the panels were just  too strong.  In all tests the performance was in line with our engineer’s calculations, but it’s still surprising to see a wall panel resisting over 12 tonnes of vertical load with no visible movement.

Our bending stiffness test showed the panels can withstand 4 tonnes -
the equivalent to parking the weight of four, 4-wheel drive vehicles on
the face of one panel!