prefabAUS - new industry association

We are pleased to have joined prefabAUS, a new industry association set up to foster and promote innovation in Australia's building industry.

prefabAUS emerged from the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant - Future Proofing Schools Round Table Session, run by Melbourne University in June 2012.

Chris Barnett from Habitech was one of 54 delegates from manufacturing, architecture, government infrastructure and university research teams to attend the session, which explored the future of prefabrication for the education sector. 

A core resolution that emerged from the Round Table Session was the need for a peak body for Australia’s prefabricated building industry to support collaboration, innovation and quality information sharing. 

In this spirit, prefabAUS works with manufacturers, architects, building designers, engineers and other construction professionals, affiliated industry associations, research bodies, client groups, government agencies and regulatory bodies, to advance Australian building prefabrication.

When considering issues of housing sustainability and affordability, we see one of our favourite quotes from Albert Einstein being very applicable:

'"We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."