Cost-effective Solution To Cut CO2 Emissions

It’s with great enthusiasm that we support the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council’s (ASBEC) proposed framework for lowering our CO2 emissions – by supporting households and business to implement potential energy efficiency measures in Australian buildings.

Referencing findings in the latest ClimateWorks ‘Tracking progress towards a low carbon economy report’, that Australia’s commercial and residential buildings account for around 113 megatons of CO₂ (about 20% of national emissions), interestingly the uncaptured potential of energy efficiency in these current buildings is 35 megatons of CO₂ – that’s 30% of current emissions.

ASBEC’s position is that energy efficiency measures can be the most cost-effective solution to cut greenhouse gas emissions – a position we firmly support.

At Habitech it’s no secret we are heavily reliant on energy efficiency in all our house designs, combining passive design with integrated services technology solutions to radically reduce household energy use. We strongly encourage the adoption of ASBEC’s framework to improve on current policies, to see similar measures to those we use implemented throughout the building sector.

Habitech's Managing Director, Chris Barnett, sits on the ASBEC Sustainable Housing Task Group - representing the Australian Institute of Architects.