Simple Efficiency Measures For Significant Savings

A recent article by Michael Green in the Sunday Age draws attention to the newly released proposal by the Beyond Zero Emissions organisation, showing that retrofitting current buildings with insulation, double-glazing and efficient lighting and appliances, could more than halve their energy use.

Building energy efficiency remains the unsung hero of carbon abatement - offering cost saving emission reductions that can return a $ for each tonne of carbon saved, rather than have to pay for it through a carbon tax, or other pricing mechanism. While Habitech is focussed on dramatically reducing energy use in the new houses we build, retro-fitting the building fabric and technology of existing houses forms a crucial part of lowering the emissions being generated by our household energy use in general.

The Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan focuses on the crucial role of energy efficiency in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The plan documents how quickly, easily and inexpensively cuts could be made, by simply installing solar panels, double glazing and replacing major appliances. These relatively simple changes will not only cut emissions significantly, but also protect consumers from rising energy prices.

We fully support the work of the Beyond Zero Emissions Organisation and its Australian Buildings Plan. The more of these energy efficiency measures households can adopt, no matter what the age of their house, the better of we all will be.  

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