Tassie Impressions

We seem to have entered an unintended impressionist stage here at Habitech.

Rendering a design for a house in Brooks Bay, Tasmania, into a photograph of the site, produced an image with a distinct early Australian impressionist feel to it – and we thought a McCubbin reference appropriate.

While generally more influenced by the Angry Penguins than the Heidelberg School, we have great respect for the role the early impressionists such as McCubbin, Streeton and Roberts played in allowing Australians to see their adopted (appropriated) country in a new, distinctly Australian way.

We see architecture and the structures we build in our landscapes being part of this on-going commentary of our relationship to the land.  In-line with the impressionist landscape painters, we would like to think Habitech’s approach to design and housing is also opening up new, distinctly Australian options for living in our unique and diverse landscapes.

In the context of Australian art, we see traditional construction being the Eugene von Guerard of housing - still struggling with a colonial mind-set.  We seek to move beyond building the same, basically English, housing models as in colonial times – which are, even now, still being built using the same construction technologies as in colonial times.