National Day of Climate Action - Sunday 17th Nov

Following the Open Day we are holding this Saturday, Habitech staff will be attending the National Day of Climate Action rally in Melbourne on Sunday.

We like our science at Habitech and fully support the day of co-ordinated national rallies, as a chance for Australian’s to show their concern that we need to do more to cut down on the atmospheric pollution we produce.

The event is being organised by a coalition of groups with charters to do nothing other than work towards the betterment of our society – people we like and respect.

Details of the rallies and Melbourne event, starting at 11:00am at Treasury Place, can be found at

We also noted recent opinions from those not normally known as 'radical, leftie alarmists' over at PricewaterhouseCoopers, looking at how we are currently tracking to limit likely global temperatures to 2 degrees – which accepts that the barrier reef is unlikely to survive. You can read their article here: ‘Carbon budget to be blown in 21 years’ The Age -