Zero Carbon Study - Cape Paterson Ecovillage

Author: Anthony Szatow 

Compared to a new 6-star house of the same size, Cape Paterson buyers could save between 2.5 years and 5.5 years on a 25 year mortgage when in-home energy and water savings accrued by virtue of sustainability features are used to accelerate mortgage repayments. Cumulative savings on energy bills and mortgage payments could exceed $300,000 under the high future price scenario modelled in this study. Naturally financial benefits will vary depending on future energy and water price scenarios, the final delivery cost for sustainability features, mortgage variables and other factors specific to each home buyer.
Compared to staying in the pre-existing Victorian home modelled in this review, or buying a new home of 250m², a 200m² Cape Paterson home is extremely valuable. The value of future energy and water savings are equivalent to having $58,000 compared to an existing home, or $70,000 for a new home of 250m² including build cost reductions, in the bank today, guaranteed to mature at 6% after tax.


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