A Vision for Smarter Housing

Habitech's innovative design system and high-performance building components are starting to attract interest, both in Australia and overseas.

We were featured in a recent article by Guy Allenby in the Weekend Australian on how the carbon tax is likely to affect the Australian building industry. Habitech was featured as a case study of how putting a price on carbon pollution is driving innovation and new solutions in the building sector. Guy is well informed on climate change issues, and as a freelancer seems to have avoided the political opinions of the Murdoch press in writing an informative and balanced article.

At Habitech, we see a relatively clear divide between Australians who see a vision of where a carbon and resource constrained future is taking the world, and those who believe digging up and exporting coal provides a viable long-term vision for our future. We like to think we are establishing new manufacturing markets and job opportunities for Australians, using home grown sustainable resources wisely and creating value in a knowledge economy that can export Australian expertise to the world.   

The article led to a flood of enquiries from around the country, further reinforcing that Australians are looking for better ways to design and build their houses. While our early projects are Victorian based, we are able to deliver our building components to projects across Australia and are currently speaking with a number of interstate architects regarding specific projects. In regards to offering design services in other states, we are engaging with initial interstate Design Partners and will be able to offer integrated design services in other capital cities in 2012.

Any interested architects or drafting firms who are interested in working with our components and innovative design and costing system are welcome to contact us and register their interest.

Habitech also appeared in the July edition of Green magazine in an article on new methods of construction by Natasha Palich.  While we have yet to publish much data behind the environmental performance of our system, Natasha's article provides a good overview of some of our longer term sustainability goals.

 As well as now having international publishers contacting us, Habitech has also hit the airwaves with Chris Barnett being interviewed on 'The Architects' radio program on 3RRR. While definitely not having as many listeners of the Sydney 'Shock Jocks', the program holds a special place in Melbourne's architectural culture and a great forum for discussion on urban planning, sustainability and all things architectural.