Hawthorn Studio


Hawthorn Studio


Brief:  1 Bedroom Extension

Location: Hawthorn, Melbourne

Climate:  Latitude 37.8

Architect: Third Skin

Area:  61.5m2 + deck 4m2 + carport

Updating of a 1920’s brick to a modern family home, this renovation and extension project in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn is designed to maximise northern light into flexible new living areas.

On a site with a south facing back garden, our clients’ brief was resolved into the creation of a separate Studio building form, connected to the existing house by a decking walkway. With rear lane access, the new building form allows the extension to perform a range of functions over time for our clients. Carefully considered to provide acoustic separation and a degree of autonomous use at different stages, the new Studio building provides:

  • Ground Level – laundry + bathroom + flexible living room, studio, office

  • First Floor Level – flexible bedroom, study, office

The other design driver leading to this siting approach was, not surprisingly, solar passive performance and access to winter sun in Melbourne;s climate. The new living area has a full northern aspect into a courtyard garden, maximising solar passive heating performance with an insulated slab capturing the heat of the winter sun.

The project is being undertaken in three stages so as to minimise relocation costs for our clients:

  • Renovate existing house - re-planning entry & circulation, refit bathroom, hydronic heating, double glazing to exist. SW facing living room

  • New rear studio building and repaint the existing house

  • New front entry fence and gate

This building process structure has allowed our clients to live in the renovated existing house while the rear extension is built – on a complete timescale of three months using our the Habitech system.